Does Florida Car Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

Does Florida Car Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement

In Florida, driving isn’t just about getting from one place to another; it’s about enjoying scenic views, bustling cities, and open roads. But this beautiful scene can quickly turn sour if your windshield gets cracked or shattered, which is a common problem for many drivers. So, does Florida car insurance cover windshield replacement?

At Home Auto Glass, a trusted provider of auto glass services, we offer insights into this important question, making sure you’re informed and protected while driving in Florida.

How Do Full Glass Insurance Laws in Florida Work?

In Florida, insurance companies can’t charge deductibles for windshield repairs if you have comprehensive coverage. This means drivers with comprehensive insurance can get their windshield replaced for free in the Sunshine State. 

Just keep in mind that you’ll probably need full coverage auto insurance to benefit from Florida’s full glass insurance laws. Comprehensive and collision insurance usually go hand in hand, and you’ll need to go beyond the state’s minimum limits to get them.

What Is Full Glass Insurance?

Full glass coverage is a unique insurance option that offers drivers zero-deductible windshield replacement. In Florida, drivers need to have comprehensive insurance to be eligible for full glass coverage, and this requirement is also common in other states.

Where Is Full Glass Insurance Available?

The states where drivers can put zero-deductible glass repair on their auto insurance policies are listed below:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • South Carolina

Florida laws regarding windshield insurance may differ from those in other states, but they’re quite favorable for drivers with damaged windshields. To take advantage of windshield insurance at repair shops in Florida, you’ll need to have comprehensive insurance coverage.

What if I Don’t Have Comprehensive Coverage?

If you’re a Florida resident without comprehensive insurance, you’ll have to pay for windshield repairs yourself, even if the damage was due to theft or vandalism. Remember, Florida experiences a lot of severe weather, like hurricanes and tropical storms, which can cause windshield damage. To have these repairs covered, you’ll need comprehensive insurance. It’s wise to consider insurance beyond the state’s minimum requirements, even though it’s not legally required.

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Why Does Florida Law Mandate Free Windshield Repair?

Fixing a windshield can cost a lot, and many drivers in Florida might not want to spend that much. But, it’s not safe to drive with a broken windshield. The glass could break more and hurt the driver and passengers. 

Also, pieces of glass could end up on the road and cause a dangerous situation for other drivers, possibly leading to a car accident. Plus, if the police stop you, you could get a ticket for having a windshield that’s cracked or broken.

Because of these reasons, it’s always better to get your damaged windshield fixed or replaced quickly. When drivers aren’t worried about how much it will cost to replace the windshield, they’re more likely to get it repaired right away.

Can You Drive With a Cracked Windshield in Florida?

Drivers in Florida who don’t use the full glass insurance laws might ask if it’s okay to drive a car with a cracked windshield. Even though it’s usually not a good idea, there are some situations where drivers might be allowed to do it.

Federal Requirements for Auto Glass

The government says it’s okay to have small damage on your windshield in some cases. The rules say the middle of your windshield can have one crack, but it shouldn’t touch any other damaged spots. 

The middle part is right above the steering wheel, covering everything except for two inches from the top and one inch from the other sides. It’s not allowed to drive if the crack in your windshield connects to any chips or spreads out like a spider web.

Florida Requirements for Auto Glass

Florida doesn’t have many extra rules about windshields that go beyond what the whole country requires. But, it’s important to know that you can’t drive there if you can’t see clearly through the front or side windows of your car. Also, every car in Florida must have windshield wipers that work well.

Keep in mind, the rules the whole country follows for replacing windshields also count in Florida. Even though the state doesn’t have a lot of its own rules, you still need to follow what the federal government says.

Reasons to Get Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers your car from many different kinds of problems. This is on top of Florida’s full glass insurance laws, making it an even better choice. Getting comprehensive coverage is a smart extra that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable car insurance in Florida.

It Protects Your Car From Environmental Damages

If you’re in Florida, you probably know that the state deals with lots of environmental challenges every year. Comprehensive insurance protects your car from these problems, like damage from tropical storms, hurricanes, floods, or tornadoes.

Environmental damage is just part of life in Florida, whether you’re in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville. Choosing comprehensive insurance is a smart move, even if you’re not thinking about the state’s full glass insurance laws.

It Repairs Your Car After Theft or Vandalism Attempts

Sometimes, cars get damaged from vandalism or when someone tries to steal them. Comprehensive insurance can protect your car in these situations. It’s also possible that Florida’s full glass insurance laws could be helpful in these cases.

It Typically Comes With Collision Insurance

Collision coverage usually comes with comprehensive insurance. It helps pay for damage when car accidents happen. This extra coverage is very useful and not too expensive, making it a good choice for all drivers in Florida.

Remember, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) says all cars must have at least $10,000 of insurance for personal injury protection and damage to property. Comprehensive and collision insurance are extra options that offer more protection than this basic requirement.


Is glass coverage mandatory in Florida?

Under Florida’s full glass insurance laws, drivers with comprehensive coverage can get their windshield repaired for free. If you don’t have comprehensive insurance in your car insurance plan, you won’t be covered for full glass repair.

What does deductible with full glass mean?

Full glass coverage is when your insurance pays for windshield repair without you having to pay a deductible first. This means you won’t have any out-of-pocket costs before your comprehensive insurance starts paying for the glass replacement.

Does claiming windshield repairs affect premiums in Florida?

Many insurance policies mention that your car insurance rate won’t go up after you make a claim for windshield repair. This is because it’s considered a no-fault claim, which is covered by comprehensive insurance.

Can you get a ticket in Florida for a broken windshield?

Driving with a badly cracked windshield in Florida can lead to being stopped by the police and getting a fine. An officer might also decide that a severe crack in the windshield means your car is not safe to drive on the road.

Tips for Florida Drivers on Windshield Replacement

  • Review Your Insurance Policy: Familiarize yourself with the details of your comprehensive coverage. Understanding your policy thoroughly can save you time and prevent any surprises during the claim process.
  • Act Promptly: If you notice a chip or crack in your windshield, don’t delay. Small damages can quickly escalate, compromising your safety and potentially leading to more costly repairs.
  • Choose a Reputable Service Provider: Partner with a trusted and experienced auto glass service like At Home Auto Glass. Our commitment to quality and customer service ensures that your windshield replacement is handled professionally and efficiently.
  • Document the Damage: Before you initiate a claim, document the damage to your windshield. Take photos and note any circumstances that led to the damage. This information can be invaluable during the insurance claim process.
  • Consult Professionals: If in doubt, consult with the experts at At Home Auto Glass. We can advise you on whether a repair or replacement is necessary and guide you through the insurance claim process.

At Home Auto Glass: Your Ally in Windshield Replacement

At Home Auto Glass stands at the forefront of simplifying the windshield replacement process for Florida drivers. Our expertise and knowledge in navigating insurance claims make us an invaluable ally. When faced with windshield damage, the last thing you want is to get tangled in insurance paperwork. 

Our team takes the lead in coordinating with your insurance provider, ensuring that your claim is processed swiftly and your windshield is replaced with precision and care.

Our services extend beyond mere replacements. We offer top-notch repairs for minor damages, always with the aim of preserving the integrity and safety of your windshield. For At Home Auto Glass, customer satisfaction and safety are paramount. We use only high-quality materials and adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring that every windshield replacement or repair meets or exceeds expectations.

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