Does Progressive Insurance Cover Windshield Repair

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Windshield damage often happens while driving. Progressive will swiftly cover windshield repairs and replacements to get you back on the road.

Progressive will fix your windshield for free. But if you need a new one, you’ll have to pay the deductible.

The cost of fixing glass depends on where you live. In states like Florida and South Carolina, it’s free.

Learn more about what Progressive covers for windshield replacements.

Does Progressive Cover the Replacement of Windshields?

If you have the right coverage, Progressive will pay for windshield repairs and replacements. They might even cover your glass under collision and comprehensive coverage.

While Progressive will fix your windshield for free, you might have to pay a deductible to replace it.

Progressive prefers to repair windshields rather than replace them because repairs are cheaper and less likely to cause leaks. Most windshield damage is minor and only needs small repairs.

Cracks shorter than six inches can usually be repaired easily. But if you have multiple damaged areas or larger cracks, you’ll need to replace your windshield.

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What Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Provides Windshield Replacement Coverage?

Most states require drivers to have liability insurance, but it only covers injuries to people and damage to property. It doesn’t cover damages to your vehicle or yourself.

Accidental damage to your car is covered by collision insurance. This damage can include a cracked windshield or windows broken by hitting another vehicle, tree, or fence.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage pays for damages to your car that aren’t from accidents. This includes things like fire, theft, or vandalism. It also covers damage from falling objects like tree branches, or natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, and hail.

If an accident damages the windshield, collision coverage will pay. If your windshield is damaged by hail, comprehensive coverage will pay.

Full coverage insurance includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage to protect you, your vehicle, and others. Experts recommend that full coverage is better than liability coverage in most states.

How Can You Make a Claim for a Progressive Windshield?

To file a glass claim with Progressive, you can log in to your account online, download the Progressive app, or call 1-800-776-4737. Most glass claims are processed by Progressive within 48 hours.

While Progressive recommends Safelite to drivers for windshield repair or replacement, they can choose any glass service.

Repairs to your windshield can be done in 30 minutes at home or the office. However, you need to take your car to a repair shop for a windshield replacement.

You should file a claim as soon as possible to stop more damage to your windshield. Cracks in the windshield can get bigger.

This can lead to windshield replacement instead of repairs, and you will also have less protection in case of an accident.

If the damage to your windshield is severe, you should park your car in an enclosed area, like a garage. You can cover the interior with plastic or a tarp until it’s repaired.

Your car insurance rate may increase if you file a claim. Progressive will inform you if rates are going to change.

What Is the Law in My State Regarding Windshield Repair and Replacement?

The laws of your state will also impact the cost of windshield replacement and repairs. According to, every state has laws about window and windshield repair and replacement.

In Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina, insurance companies must provide free replacements and repairs for windshields. In these states, insurance companies are required to replace or repair all windows for free, not just windshields.

In Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York, all car insurance providers must also offer glass coverage with no deductible.

Progressive usually charges drivers their deductibles when replacing a windshield in other states. However, there is typically no charge for windshield repair.

What Are The Ways to Save Money on Progressive Full- Coverage Car Insurance?

Full coverage is necessary to cover windshield damage. While full coverage rates are higher than liability, discounts can lead to significant savings. Most drivers qualify for multiple discounts, which can result in even greater savings.

This table lists typical Progressive discounts on car insurance. If available, the savings amount will be listed.

Progressive Windshield Repair: The Bottom Line

If you have comprehensive and collision coverage, you will need to pay your deductible.

Progressive drivers can choose any glass company like At Home Auto Glass, and their claims are processed within 48 hours. Technicians will repair your windshield at home or work, but replacements are done in a repair center.

Full coverage auto insurance is needed to cover damages caused by hail, vandalism, and accidents. Comprehensive and collision coverages also cover windshield damage and damage to your car from accidents.

You can get a free or low-cost replacement of your windshield through Progressive.

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